Barendreeo Handicrafts is a Creative non-governmental organization of handmade products. It started its journey since 2011 based on Rajshahi city. Over time, it spreads its working network to the nearby Varendra area and Chapai Nawabganj district. Barendreeo Handicrafts is working with extremely poor women to support themselves and their families. Over the last two years, it has created employment for more than two hundred jobless women of two districts in Rajshahi Division. Barendreeo Handicrafts put emphasizes on promotion of marketing of its own products. We collect order from different organizations, shops, established farms etc for supplying their demanded products. Our range of production depends on the demands of buyer. Barendreeo is not only a commercial house but also an effective Social Welfare Organization for Rural poor women of Varendra Area. It follows a big network of home based workers.

Our Goal

The main goal of the organization is to provide proper training to rural poor women and make them self-dependent earning family member. In rural village areas, most of the women are jobless and stays at home when their male family members work and earn for living. Therefore, females are mostly dependent on their male family members. Following this system remains them poor and unproductive. Our organization’s main purpose to provide proper training for handicrafts products, so that they can also contribute to their family expenses and thus remove poverty. Our main target to utilize the large number of our rural village poor women as our worker to make them self-dependent and earning person. Although our priority goes to women, we also encourage and welcome poor village jobless men worker in small scale to our organization.

Vision 18

We have set up our organization’s vision for 2018 under the term ‘Vision 18’. The main purpose of it is to make easier to reach our goal and following right path way of its journey over time. The major visions that need to be given higher priority to cover up our goals are as follows:

  •   To spread our activities to nearby 5 districts
  •   To ensure 85% workers are female
  •   To create 70% work on home based workers
  •   To literate all the workers to sign up their name and reading capabilities
  •   To set up at least 5 show rooms at 5 districts
  •   To keep balancing between right and profit
  •   To provide family planning knowledge
  •   To aware them about women’s right
  •   To provide knowledge about health, diseases and cleanliness
  •   To educate them about children vaccination
  •   To encourage their children to send school and make educated
  •   To ensure their participation with different social activities
  •   To keep our products eco friendly (including all process e.g. Eco dying)